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Eco-Friendly Pure Cotton Hand Woven Yoga Mats

Nirvana Yoga Mat
Nirvana Yoga Mat

If you are looking for natural eco-friendly yoga mats then our NIRVANA & MUKTI Pure Cotton Hand Woven Yoga Mats are ideal for you.

Our mats are deisgned by yogis who are passionate about yoga and understand the needs of yoga practitioners.

Mukti Yoga Mat
Mukti Yoga Mat

They are specially hand woven and stitched by experienced tailors. The bottom layer is anti-skid. The top layer is made of 100 percent hand-woven cotton. Our mats can either be rolled or folded.

Only a few pieces are available for each design.

When practising yoga, energy flows from the body down to the earth. Cotton mats are bad conductors of electricity and therefore create an obstruction of the flow of energy between the body and the earth. When practising yoga, the use of cotton mats will help to prevent the flow of energy (chi) from flowing down to the earth and thus help to conserve the energy (chi) within the body.

Our NIRVANA & MUKTI Yoga Mats are ideal for yoga practice, meditation and prayers or decorating your living space.

Price: S$120 per piece

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