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Hand-made HIMALAYAN Singing Bowls

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Sound is a form of energy as atomic energy and electric energy etc. Each and every sound has particular resonance and creates vibration in the atmosphere. Each and every religion uses different types of instruments or things to create sound.

In ancient times, different mystic schools of different countries like Rome, Athens, Egypt, and Tibet use various types of instrument to create different types of sound for positive effect. It is mentioned in the New Testament and Old Testament and the Vedas.

Pythagoras, the great Greek Philosopher and Mathematician had a school that taught the use of sound for healing. Sound travels as a wave form. Singing bowls are ancient instruments which create sound to be used for different purposes. It is made from an alloy of 7 metals - gold, copper, silver, tin, lead, mercury and iron.

Singing bowls have a mystic quality. The sound from the singing bowl is full of positive energy.

Singing Bowls are widely used for:

  • Yoga Practice
  • Aid to Meditation
  • Healing and Opening of Chakras (Chakras are the secret energy points in the human body)
  • Music Therapy
  • Feng Shui
  • Removing negative energy and bringing positive energy into the physical body
  • Space Clearing
  • Calming the body, mind and soul
  • Aid to reduce pain in the body
Bowl Demonostration

How to use:

Place the bowl on the centre of the palm and rub a wooden stick/mallet around the outer rim to make it “sing”, producing a beautiful and continuous ‘singing’ sound and bring it near to the person or alternatively, put the bowl directly on the affected part of the body which needs healing and then strike it or rub it around the rim.
In this way, the vibrations of the bowl will penetrate into the person’s affected part of the body.

The singing bowls come in 2 sizes - 4.5 inches and 5.5 inches.


S$70 - 4.5 inch Himalayan Singing Bowl with wooden mallet (excluding delivery charges)

S$88 - 5.5 inch Himalayan Singing Bowl with wooden mallet (excluding delivery charges)

Meditation Bells

Meditation Bells


- To end meditation or relaxation practice
- Yoga Practice
- For space clearing
- Healing of Chakra Centres
- Sound Healing
- Music Therapy
- Vibration created by the bells help to remove negative energy and bring positive energy into your life
- Calming the body, mind and soul

How to Use:

  • Tap the rims together

Price: S$20 (excluding delivery charges)

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